Join us for some unforgettable sea angling in the
Faroe Islands.


The captain started his charter bussines in 2004

Main season is 1. mai to 1. october 


From 1. october on request with a minimum of 6 passangers.

The boat is licensed to
12 persons


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Fishing isn't just a hobby; it's a way of life, a passion that runs deeper than the sea itself!

Fullday trip
1100 DKK per person

A fullday trip is enjoyable if you want the see the variety of fish, or to get a good quantity of fish. It begins at 0900 and lasts 8 hour.

The captain has fished in the area all his life, and started the charter bussiness in 2004. He will advice you to the best chance of hooking the fish of your dreams

Included in the trip is rent of fishing gear and tackle, as well as rainwear (s-xxxl) and boots from 37-47.

Tea and coffe as self service

The price is 1100 dkk per person on a shared boat, and 7500 dkk for a private boat in the months mai, june, september and october. In july and august the price is 8500 dkk for a fullday private boat.


Halfday trip
750 DKK per person

A halfday trip is enjoyable for the first time angler, where the captain will teach you how to fish. 

In the main season from 1. mai - 1. oct. Blástein makes a halfday trip every day at 0930 or 1430.  It is a 4 hour trip, and the price is 750 dkk pr person. Children under age 12 is 375 dkk. There is a minimum of 4 anglers.

Included in the price is rent of fishing gear, pirks and traces, but if you loose some pirks or traces, the prise is 100 dkk.

Also included in the price is rent of rain wear (xs-xxxl) and boots (37-47)

Tea and coffe as self service.

Other trips

Blástein can make a variety of special trips.

Special packages for 2024

Weektrip Denmark

  • 4 persons - 7995 DKK pr
  • From Hirtshals, Denmark
  • Valid from 1/6 - 1/10 2024

Weekendtrip Denmark

  • 4 persons - 7750 DKK pr
  • From Copenhagen or Billund, Denmark
  • Valid from 1/6 - 1/10 2024

Weekendtrip Edinbourgh

  • 4 persons - 7495 DKK pr
  • From Edinbourgh, Scotland
  • Valid from 1/6 - 1/10 2024

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