With a Hook and cook trip you will eat your fresh caugth fish at the marina restaurant Fjørukrógvin in Vestmanna.

The trip begins at 0930 on Blástein, where we will make a halfday trip. The most likely fish to catch is cod, haddock, saithe or common dab. Coming back from the fishing trip the captain will fillet the fish, ready for the chef to make a delicious fish dish.

The restaurant Fjørukrógvin is about 100 meter from Blástein´s dock. There you will have a table from 1330. The captain will handower the fillets to the chef, and he will make you the smoothest fish you have ever eaten.

The price is 895 DKK pr person, and includes fishing gear, rainwear and boots. At the restaurant you will get your fish served with potatoes, sause and vegetables, and still water.