Species and records

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Species and boat records

Check out below what to expect of species and boat record. 

Haddock 4.0 kg caught 2016

Cod 13 kg

Plaice 5.4 kg caught and released 2016

Catfish 6.8 kg

Ling 7kg

Tusk 4 kg

Porbeagle shark 222 kg boat record


Macharel 1.1 kg boat record

Coal fish 10.6 kg 103 cm

Common dab boat record 900 gr

Gurnard estimated 500 gr

Monkfish 2 kg

Scorpion fish, estimated 500 gr.

Whiting estimated 1.7 kg


Redfish 600 gr

Thornback ray

Pollock 2.5 kg