Plaice fishing

     - Fishing is not a matter of life or death ... It is more important than that !

Plaice fishing

It´s a saying here in the Faroe Islands, that plaice´s die of old age.

And I like too keep it that way. So from 1.jan 2009 all plaice´s above 2 kg will be released. First of all because it takes a long time to grow an example like that, and second of all they taste like shit.

The latest plaice report is from juli 2015, and can be read on

I have mainly 2 places for plaices. The first one is 10 minutes from the harbour, and the second one is 45 min away.

This was a good day in june´08. the weight was 2.0 - 2.1 - 2.3 kg

I have so far hunted them in the summer time. And my season starts 1. may and ends 1. Sept.

This is a beautyful 2.8 kg plaice

Above you can see a good tackle for places. And it took an irresistable sandeel.

Luck of the Irish

The weigh often ranges from 1 kg and up - haven´t managed to find the small one´s.

The boat record was caught juni 2015 And the astonishing weight was 4,2 kg. He broke the previous record 4.0 kg.

Plaice gallery here...